Defining Accounting and Finance

Financial accounting is roughly defined as the practices and processes by which financial transactions are recorded, monitored, analysed and managed. Professional accountants play a direct role in the financial performance and efficiency of the organisations and individuals they work for. Accountants take charge of all key financial matters, including revenue analysis, profit and loss management, debts, credits and all business expenses. Along with ensuring that the business meets all essential tax obligations, accountants are also directly involved in minimising expenditure, maximising income and bolstering profitability.

Why is Accounting and Finance Important?

As a subject, accounting and finance is important for the simple reason that it plays a significant role at the core of every organisation. Across public and private sectors alike, including non-profit outfits, it is impossible to operate without operational finances. Any business that relies on money to get by is dependent on the services of accountancy professionals.

Just as the strongest accountancy can have a highly positive impact on business performance, poor accountancy can lead to heavy losses, prosecution or even the collapse of the business.

These days, companies of all shapes and sizes are scrutinised like never before with regard to their financial activities. It is for this reason that qualified and capable accountancy professionals are in extremely high demand across almost every contemporary sector.

The Benefits of Studying Accounting and Finance

A career in professional accountancy can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding, though must be built upon a solid educational foundation. Even if your numeracy skills are already outstanding, there is a great deal of highly-specific theory which must be studied in-depth.

Just some of the benefits of studying accounting and finance include:

1. Employment Prospects

Because professional accountancy is something the overwhelming majority of businesses are dependent on, employment prospects for qualified candidates are limitless.

2. Job Security

Irrespective of technological advances, there will always be enormous and ongoing demand for skilled accountants and financial professionals. A career in this particular sector can represent a highly secure career for life.

3. Flexibility

Those who work as self-employed accountants enjoy full flexibility and the freedom to choose their own working hours and patterns. Accountancy represents an excellent prospect for establishing and running a home business.

4. Enhanced Prospects

If you are already working in a financial or accountancy position, studying the subject in greater depth could help improve your competences and future career development prospects.

5. Financial Rewards

Potential earnings are limitless in accountancy and finance particularly for those who set up and run their own businesses. Experienced accountants working at the highest levels often command quite extraordinary prices for their services.